Administrative and industrial transfer

AMT intervenes in any type of administrative or industrial transfer, both internally and externally.

We implement a specific and adapted methodology taking into account all the parameters such as:

Terms of Access


Type of

furniture / machinery

Duration of realization

Our organization is structured as follows:

For the successful completion of a move, two very different plans must be established: the site plan and the intervention plan (planning).

A precise and detailed inventory of all the areas affected by the transfer is carried out by AMT using its methodology.

This plan provides for the location of furniture or machines for each room or office. A copy is displayed at the entrance of each room to ensure a layout that meets your wishes.

If the operation is spread over several days or weeks, an implementation schedule is published in order to follow the progress of the transfer in real time.

AMT adapts the human and technical resources to be implemented on each site while respecting the qualifications of each.

La protection des locaux est effectuée à l’aide de matériel entièrement recyclable.

The supplies used for the moving are: labels of 12 different colors, standard boxes and computer boxes, standard boxes and plastic computer boxes with closure without tape and can be produced.