Humain and Equipment

Here is a few summary figures, an overview of our human and material resources, which we put at the service of the missions that you entrust to us.

The men and women of the company

More than 110 full-time employees,
seasoned professionals trained in our methods and procedures, benefiting from an average seniority of 8 years, protective and safety equipment (PPE) at the highest standard of standards and a program continuous quality training.

22 cadres
Operations manager, operations assistant, technical coordinator, foremen and depot managers.

24 coordinators and team leaders
Present on all the missions of more than 3 movers, in contact with the local customer and are guarantors of the follow-up of the quality.

62 movers
Qualified and experienced professionals, knowing how to fit into the professional work environments they face on a daily basis.

12 specialized performers
Passenger drivers, heavy goods vehicle drivers and forklifts..

The materials

No quality work without impeccable and conscientiously maintained equipment, a reflection of the seriousness with which we approach our service missions, and in sufficient numbers not to slow down the execution of tasks.

6 large capacity vehicles
With a volume of over 30 m³ padded and fitted with tailgates for very large transfers.

4 camions porteurs + remorques 44 tonnes‍
Container carrier Renault Premium EURO 6 range with cabins suitable for transferring crews.

25 classic vehicles‍
With a volume of 20 m³.

17 commercial vehicles
With a capacity of 7 m³ to 12 m³.

120 Specialized eco containers
‍Equipped with bamboo flooring and padded rails.

4 team minibuses
They can drive up to 9 movers to the place of intervention, or allow them to move as quickly as possible from the place of departure to the place of arrival of the transfer.

4 specialized vehicles
Furniture lifts or platform cranes, they are an additional force for large transfers or in complex access situations.

2 blues cars‍
A fleet of 10.