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At AMT, we’re proud to bring together a diverse, skilled team of professionals.

Each member of our team plays an essential role in the realization of our missions and contributes to our success. Discover our main trades.


Our coordinators are masters of organization and planning. They coordinate and monitor operations, working closely with our customers to meet their specific needs. They are responsible for managing the human and material resources needed to carry out each mission.


Movers are experts in moving goods. They are trained to handle and transport with care all types of objects, from furniture to special equipment. They protect goods during transport and handling, ensuring that each item arrives at its destination in perfect condition.


Our chauffeurs are the experienced drivers of our fleet of vehicles. They ensure the safe and efficient transport of our customers’ goods from one point to another. They are responsible for complying with road safety regulations, meeting delivery deadlines and ensuring that goods are handled with care during transport.

Forklift operator

Forklift drivers are specialists in handling heavy loads. They are trained in the use of forklift trucks and other handling equipment. They are responsible for loading and unloading goods in warehouses, storage operations and logistics flow management.

Inventory clerk

Inventorists play a key role in managing property inventories. They are responsible for registering, checking and maintaining inventories. They ensure the traceability of goods and contribute to the efficient management of material resources.

At AMT, we recognize the importance of each trade in the success of our missions. By working as a team, sharing our expertise and valuing individual skills, we are able to provide high-quality services and meet our customers’ expectations.