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Our CSR commitments


AMT is committed to meeting the CSR expectations of our various stakeholders.

At a time of significant environmental and societal change, we are integrating our stakeholders into our ecosystem to create exchange and capitalize on the opportunities arising from combining our strengths in favor of responsible projects.

We ensure their well-being by offering a pleasant working environment, regular training, respect for diversity and a healthy work/life balance. We also circulate an internal satisfaction questionnaire to keep in touch with our employees.

AMT adapts to unforeseen circumstances and constraints thanks to our flexibility and responsiveness. We also offer quality monitoring and project follow-up meetings to support our customers at every stage of their operations.

We respect legal payment terms and treat our suppliers and service providers as equals, to maintain a long-term relationship based on trust and mutual benefit.

AMT applies best CSR practices and improves its compliance with current regulations.

AMT works with associations for causes close to our hearts.

AMT is committed to pursuing its CSR approach in collaboration with all its stakeholders, in a spirit of commitment and responsibility for a more sustainable world.



Today, the environmental impact of companies has become a major issue in the business world. Against this backdrop, we take a look at the main energy and sustainability challenges we face.

Our business requires significant energy consumption. It is therefore important to implement energy management and reduction measures wherever possible.

The management of waste such as packaging, paper and cardboard represents a considerable part of our business.

Water consumption is also an important consideration in our eco-responsible action plan, due to the size of our premises and the maintenance of our equipment.

Our business generates greenhouse gas emissions due to the journeys made by the vehicles in our fleet.

Concerning the impact of our business on biodiversity, in particular due to the construction and use of storage and archiving facilities.

Aware of today’s various environmental challenges, AMT strives to put in place measures to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.


We are aware that our business often involves long journeys to provide our services, which has a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why we see mobility as a key aspect of our social and environmental responsibility strategy.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions linked to our transport activities is a priority for us.

At AMT, we have implemented a green solution to reduce the environmental impact of transfer operations.

Our eco-containers, equipped with bamboo floors, offer a sustainable alternative to the traditional trucks used for loading and unloading.

With our 100 containers equipped with bamboo flooring, we are proud to contribute to preserving the environment while offering quality services to our customers.


AMT Transfert recognizes the importance of the environmental issues facing our company, as our operations can have an impact on the environment through the use of different materials.

We regard environmental management as a key priority in our strategy of social and environmental responsibility.
We recognize that the transition to more environmentally-friendly materials represents a challenge, both operationally and economically.

We recognize that these efforts require a proactive approach and an adaptation of our existing practices. However, we are convinced that these efforts are essential if we are to preserve natural resources, reduce our carbon footprint and meet our stakeholders’ growing expectations in terms of sustainability.

By investing in more environmentally-friendly practices, we aspire to contribute to a more sustainable future for our company, our stakeholders and society as a whole.

At AMT, we are determined to integrate environmental issues into our overall strategy of social and environmental responsibility.

As part of our Environmental Action Plan and sustainable development objectives, we attach great importance to ISO 14001 and responsible procurement practices.

At AMT, we will continue to seek sustainable solutions to reduce our ecological impact and build a more responsible future.

At AMT, we firmly believe that it is possible to combine operational efficiency with respect for the planet.

At AMT, we are committed to promoting a culture of eco-responsibility. By making our employees aware of eco-gestures, we contribute to preserving the environment and building a sustainable future.

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, we have taken the initiative to host 10 beehives on our storage site in Gouvieux, Oise. These hives thrived in a flourishing environment, rich in pollen, flowers and fruit trees. Thanks to them, we were able to harvest 80 kilos of honey, produced entirely organically and locally.

For us, preserving bees is a priority and we’re proud to play our part in their survival.

We are proud to announce the creation of a vegetable garden on our Gouvieux site. This project aims to encourage the discovery of nature and the learning of gardening within our local community.

We have undertaken the construction of a secure vegetable garden that will be specially designed to enable future amateur gardeners to engage in enriching gardening activities. The project is currently underway and should be fully operational by 2024.

In collaboration with a local breeder in the Oise region, we have established a partnership designed to promote short circuits and support the local economy. A dozen sheep will be specifically dedicated to the natural and ecological upkeep of our green spaces, covering an area of 13,500 square meters.

By adopting this eco-pasturing approach, we reinforce our commitment to environmental sustainability while creating a harmonious and pleasant environment for all.


Social involvement is essential to our social and environmental responsibility.
At AMT, we value diversity and equality by creating an inclusive environment where everyone is treated fairly, regardless of their characteristics. We believe that diversity fosters innovation and performance in our company.

The health and safety of our employees is a top priority. We ensure a safe working environment, prevent accidents and promote healthy practices. We improve working conditions by using modern equipment, such as an electric pallet truck, and tailoring measures to specific challenges.

We are also committed to local communities. We support social and charitable initiatives, and create lasting partnerships with local organizations.

At AMT, our social involvement is at the heart of our social and environmental responsibility.
We create a positive impact on our employees, customers, partners and communities by promoting diversity, ensuring the protection and well-being of our staff, and contributing to the sustainable development of communities.

We value and respect the diversity of individuals within our organization, creating an inclusive working environment where everyone is treated fairly, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, age, religion or any other protected characteristic. We firmly believe that a diversity of perspectives, skills and experience promotes informed decision-making and the search for innovative solutions.

At AMT, we are committed to making equal opportunities and non-discrimination a daily reality.

We are proud to announce that we have signed the Diversity Charter, demonstrating our concrete commitment to promoting and respecting diversity within our organization.

We are committed to supporting professional integration. We’re proud to play our part in providing opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This approach is part of our commitment to diversity and social inclusion.

At AMT, we firmly believe that employee well-being is essential to fostering professional fulfillment and commitment.

At AMT, we pride ourselves on providing a safe working environment for all our employees and ensuring their protection.

At AMT, we attach great importance to supporting associations and contributing to solidarity initiatives.

We believe in the power of solidarity to create a better world.