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Our work environments

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At AMT, our organization is structured to ensure optimal coordination and execution of our assignments. We have defined different working environments that contribute to our overall efficiency. Inspired by well-known organizational structures, we have adapted our operating model to ensure smooth functioning and harmonious collaboration.

operational forces
– in the field

In this environment, our field team is on the front line. These are our action forces, who intervene directly in the field to carry out our missions.

Made up of qualified movers, team leaders and coordinators, this team is responsible for coordinating operations, handling goods and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The reserve
– at the operations center

The reserve, located at the heart of our operations center, is a strategic and essential environment for managing our missions.

Our team at the operations center, comprising technical coordinators and logistics managers, works in close collaboration with the action forces on the ground.

Their role is to plan and organize missions, provide operational follow-up, and ensure optimum coordination of resources.

– at the depot

Within our depot, the operating environment is the nerve center of our business. This is where we manage and coordinate all the logistical aspects of our operations.

Our warehouse team is made up of foremen, depot managers and stock management specialists. They ensure the availability of the necessary equipment, the organization of storage space, and the efficient planning of resources.

– on the road

In our fleet of vehicles, the traffic environment is crucial to ensuring the safe and punctual transport of our customers’ goods.

Our fleet team includes experienced drivers, HGV drivers and transport logistics experts.
All our vehicles are geolocated, guaranteeing optimized routes and traceability of goods transported.

They ensure that our vehicles are in good working order, comply with road safety standards, and deliver goods efficiently.

At AMT, we draw inspiration from well-established organizations, such as the French Navy, to structure our business and ensure optimal operation. Each work environment plays a key role in our global organization, contributing to the coordination, logistical management and success of every mission we undertake.