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Our fleet

To carry out the missions entrusted to us by our customers, we have a diversified fleet of vehicles adapted to each specific need.
Our vehicles are carefully selected and maintained to ensure efficient and safe logistics for our moving operations.

Our versatile fleet enables us to provide efficient, reliable service, whatever the volume or nature of the goods to be transported.
Our vehicles are divided into different categories to meet the varied requirements of our customers.

Utility vehicles: For smaller needs

These utility vehicles are ideal for small-scale moves or specific needs requiring a smaller transport capacity.

With capacities ranging from 7 m³ to 12 m³, these vehicles offer ample space for transporting boxes, small furniture or office equipment.

Utility vehicles: For smaller requirements, we provide 17 utility vehicles with capacities ranging from 7 m³ to 12 m³.

20 m3 trucks: State-of-the-art vehicles for medium-sized transfers

These medium-sized trucks offer sufficient capacity for small to medium-sized moves.

They are ideal for transporting personal belongings, office equipment or moderate-sized furniture.

Classic vehicles: We have 25 classic vehicles with a capacity of 20 m³, suitable for medium-sized transfers.

30 m3 trucks: offering extra space for moves requiring larger volumes

With a slightly larger capacity, these trucks are ideal for medium to large moves.

They can carry a larger quantity of goods, while offering the maneuverability needed to access urban areas or narrow streets.

Large-capacity vehicles: We have 6 large-capacity vehicles with a volume of over 30 m³, equipped with tailgates for very large moves.

50 m3 trucks: for large-scale moves

These spacious trucks are ideal for large-scale moves, such as corporate relocations or spacious house moves.

Their large capacity means they can carry a large quantity of goods in one go, reducing travel and optimizing the efficiency of the move.

Semi-trailers: perfect for long-distance moves

Our semi-trailers are used for very large-scale moves.

They offer maximum loading capacity, making them ideal for warehouse transfers, industrial moves or projects requiring a considerable volume of goods to be moved.

Container carriers: offering a practical and secure solution for moving goods

These specialized vehicles are designed to transport freight containers of various sizes.

They are used for international moves or projects requiring goods to be transported in secure containers.

44-tonne straight trucks + trailers: Our fleet includes 4 straight trucks with 44-tonne trailers, suitable for crew transfers and large-scale moves.

Truck cranes: for situations requiring lifting assistance for heavy or bulky objects

Our crane trucks are equipped with a lifting crane for easy loading and unloading of heavy or bulky objects.

They are used for moves requiring special handling of goods, such as pianos, safes or industrial equipment.

Specialized eco-containers: Ideal for optimum protection of your goods

With our 120 specialized eco-containers, equipped with bamboo flooring and padded rails, we ensure optimum protection of goods during the move.
These containers are designed to transport fragile objects and sensitive equipment while minimizing the risk of damage.

Our commitment to the quality and care of your goods is guaranteed by the use of these specialized eco-containers by our team of experienced professionals.

Team minibuses: Fast, efficient mobility in the field

These specialized vehicles are designed to transport freight containers of various sizes.

They are used for international moves or projects requiring goods to be transported in secure containers.

Blues cars: Logistical support for special needs

We have blues cars in our fleet, including 2 dedicated vehicles. These blues cars are designed to provide logistical support in special situations. They are adapted to meet specific needs, such as the transport of sensitive or fragile equipment, the rapid delivery of small parcels or the management of special missions.

Thanks to their agility and flexibility, our blues cars guarantee an efficient response to these specific needs.

At AMT, our fleet of vehicles is a major asset in ensuring efficient, safe and smooth moves.

Whatever the size or complexity of your project, we have the resources to transport your goods wherever you need them, with complete peace of mind.