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Job description

The AMT driver plays an essential role in the moving process. As a driver, you are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of transport vehicles, while ensuring that customers’ goods are delivered to their destination on time.

You’re a key member of our team, contributing to the success of every moving assignment.

Safe driving

You are responsible for the safe and responsible driving of transport vehicles, in compliance with traffic regulations and road safety standards. You maintain constant vigilance on the road, anticipating potentially dangerous situations and adopting a defensive driving style.

Loading and unloading

You work closely with the team of movers to load customers’ belongings into the transport vehicle and unload them at destination. You ensure that goods are properly secured and protected during transport, using appropriate loading and stowage techniques.

Meeting deadlines

You plan your route efficiently, taking into account traffic constraints and deadlines agreed with customers. You ensure that goods are delivered on time, keeping to agreed schedules and managing your driving time efficiently.

Vehicle maintenance

You are responsible for the regular maintenance of transport vehicles, carrying out preventive checks, ensuring that vehicles are in good mechanical condition and reporting any faults or repairs required. You keep vehicles clean and well-maintained.

Skills required
  • Appropriate driver’s license for the transport vehicles used
  • Excellent knowledge of the highway code and adherence to driving rules.
  • Ability to drive safely and anticipate situations on the road.
  • Sense of direction and ability to plan routes effectively.
  • Good communication skills and ability to work in a team.
  • Good physical condition for loading and unloading tasks.
Training and experience
  • Valid driver’s license for the transport vehicles used.
  • Previous experience in professional driving is desired.
  • Knowledge of loading and securing techniques is a plus.

As an AMT driver, you’re a valuable member of our moving team. Your safe driving, your respect for deadlines and your cooperation with the movers all contribute to the satisfaction of our customers and the success of every moving assignment. Your professionalism and commitment make you an essential part of our company.