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Smartarchives – The trusted archiving solution

Smartarchives, AMT’s archiving brand, offers complete physical and digital archiving solutions. Our expertise in document management enables us to support you in the efficient preservation and organization of your documents, whether physical or digital.

Physical archiving

Physical archiving is essential to keep your paper documents safe and accessible when you need them. Smartarchives provides you with secure facilities to store your documents in optimum conditions. Our team ensures the protection and integrity of your archives throughout their lifecycle. Whether for administrative documents, customer files or historical archives, we have the right archiving solution for you.

Digital archiving

With the constant evolution of technology, digital archiving has become a key element in document management. Smartarchives offers advanced digital archiving solutions to store, organize and secure your electronic data. Thanks to high-performance scanning, indexing and search tools, you can easily access your digital documents, while guaranteeing their confidentiality and integrity.

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  • Expertise in Document Management and Archiving
  • Comprehensive solutions for physical and digital archiving
  • Secure facilities for the preservation of your paper documents
  • Advanced technologies for digital archiving
  • Adherence to security and confidentiality standards
  • Quick and easy access to your archives, both physical and digital
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