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Our method of action

a methodology

At AMT, we have put in place a proven methodology to ensure the success of every project. Our structured approach guarantees efficient management, transparent communication and optimum customer satisfaction. Discover the different phases of our action method.

Phase 1: Consultation

We start with a thorough technical visit of your premises to understand your specific needs.

This crucial step enables us to take into account all aspects of your project, such as the size of the space, the nature of the goods to be transferred, logistical constraints, and much more.

This consultation enables us to define a strategy tailored to your situation.

Phase 2: Proposal

Once the consultation is complete, we submit a complete offer with a detailed technical brief.

This document explains all the services we offer, the deadlines, costs and terms of our intervention.

We ensure that all information is clear and transparent, so that you can make an informed decision.

Phase 3: Preparation

Once you have approved our proposal, we begin the preparation phase.

This includes coordination meetings to plan the various stages of the project, delivery of packing cartons, precise labeling of goods to be transferred, and carrying out a detailed inventory of fixtures and fittings.

What’s more, we take all the necessary steps to protect your premises and guarantee the safety of your goods throughout the process.

Phase 4: Transfer & after-sales service

The transfer phase is the key stage in our methodology. Our experienced teams will transfer the items according to the guidelines established during the preparation phase.

We coordinate efficiently to minimize disruption and ensure that every stage is completed on time.

Once the transfer is complete, we organize an end-of-job meeting to make sure you’re completely satisfied and to deal with any adjustments or additions…

At AMT, we make a point of following our rigorous methodology on every project. This enables us to guarantee a smooth moving process, optimized resource management and maximum customer satisfaction. Trust us to bring your project to fruition on time, on budget and to meet your expectations.