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At AMT, we’re proud of our diversified and extensive presence across France and internationally. Our strategically positioned operational bases enable us to serve our customers efficiently and responsively, wherever they are.

In France

Our operational bases in France are carefully distributed in different regions, with platforms located in Gouvieux (60) and Puget-sur-Argens, we guarantee extensive national coverage. We are able to meet the needs of our customers throughout the country, offering top-quality corporate moving and storage services.


In addition to our national presence, we maintain a network of carefully selected global partners. These strategic partnerships enable us to extend our reach beyond France’s borders. Thanks to these alliances, we are able to offer our services worldwide, providing our customers with moving and storage solutions tailored to their specific needs, wherever they are located.

Our commitment to operational excellence and our global network of reliable partners make us the ideal choice for your corporate moving and storage needs, whether in France or internationally.

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Explore our interactive map to discover our operational bases and global partners, and contact us for tailor-made solutions, wherever your business is located.