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recognized expertise
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At AMT, we’ve developed recognized expertise in a variety of sectors, helping companies with their professional moves. Our commitment to our customers and our tailor-made approach make us a trusted partner for a wide range of sectors.


We understand the requirements of the aeronautical industry and specialize in the safe transfer of sensitive equipment and delicate materials.


We’re your ally when it comes to moving heavy equipment, materials and machinery on construction sites.

Food industry

We are aware of the strict standards of the food industry, and we take care of the compliant relocation of equipment and products, ensuring that their integrity is preserved.


Whether for dealers, garages or manufacturers, we have in-depth expertise in moving equipment specific to the automotive sector.


We support craftsmen in their professional moves by ensuring the protection of their specialized tools and equipment.


We specialize in moving the furniture industry, ensuring the safe transfer of your stock, furniture and accessories.


We understand the importance of confidentiality and security in the financial sector, and ensure the reliable relocation of your sensitive equipment and documents. Our expertise in moving trading rooms ensures continuity of your trading activities.


We are aware of the strict requirements of these sectors when it comes to moving, and we are committed to complying with the protocols and regulations in force.


We support healthcare establishments in their delicate relocations, particularly for the transfer of laboratories, operating theatres and medical equipment.


We specialize in removals in the energy and electricity sectors, ensuring the safe transfer of specific installations and equipment.


We understand the needs of engineering and consulting firms, and can handle office moves and the secure transfer of confidential documents.


We work with schools and universities on their relocations, guaranteeing the safety of teaching equipment and school supplies.


We have the expertise to move equipment specific to the printing and publishing industry, such as presses, binding machines and paper stocks.


We handle moves for companies in the communications, media, IT and telecommunications sectors, ensuring the secure transfer of their sensitive equipment.


We specialize in removals for companies in the fashion, footwear and hairdressing sectors, ensuring the protection of clothing, accessories and specific equipment.

Public Sector

We bring our expertise to public administrations and associations for their professional moves, respecting specific procedures and deadlines.

Whatever your industry, at AMT we have the skills and resources to meet your specific needs and ensure a successful professional move.

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